5 Best Types of Indoor Succulents: My Favorite Low Maintenance Succulent Plants for Your Home

These are my five favorite types of succulents. They are all easy to care for, and they all do very well indoors. Keep reading to learn what they are, where to buy them and how to care for them. Oh, and be sure to let me know what your favorite succulents are in the comments below. 

1. Echeveria 

There are many varieties of Echeveria succulents. They come in so many different colors. The one pictured above is the Echeveria bluette variety. Echeveria succulents should flower in the summer if you give them enough water and sunlight. 

2. Graptopetalum 

These are called “ghost plants” because of their coloring. The leaves actually have a coating of powder on them. If you live in a colder area these succulents are perfect for you: they can survive cold temperatures, although they do need to receive sunlight for at least half the day. They will flower in the springtime.

3. Aloe

Aloe succulents are the perfect indoor plant. They do not need a lot of sunlight, so if you live in an area with less light they are a good choice.  As with some of the other succulents mentioned here, you can water them less in winter.

4. Haworthia 

This might just be my favorite. I love everything about this succulent: the color, the shape … I think that it is just beautiful. These do not need direct sunlight, but you should still place them in the light beside a window. You only need to water them once a month in the winter, which makes care quite easy during these months. In the summer you should water them more often. 

5. Jovibarba

These are very hardy succulents, so they do well in a variety of locations. You can find them in a whole selection of colors. You can even create a succulent garden by planting a number of these in a larger pot.

Did you know that you can purchase all of these succulents online? There are many sites where you can purchase succulents and have them delivered right to your door. Fairy Blooms, The Succulent Source and Leaf and Clay are just a few sites that sell succulents online. 

If you have a favorite succulent – or a few favorites – let me know below! 

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