8 Last Minute Printable Gift Ideas

If you are a procrastinator when it comes to gifts, you might be rushing around just about now, checking to see if there is still time to order online, and braving the long lines at the stores – all in the quest for that elusive perfect gift for each person on your list. But wait – there is a better way!

Printable gifts are the perfect last minute, stress free option. There is no worrying whether your package will come in time, and no stress of waiting in line at the mall. You can literally print at home and have a gift ready in minutes, or you can always go to a local print shop. Either way, it will not take long to have a gift in your hands that you can be certain the recipient will love. You may be wondering just how many types of gifts can be printed since, after all, the very idea of “printing” a gift might seem rather limiting. But you will be surprised – just as I was while I was browsing printable gifts to include here. I found some options that I had never considered myself, but could make wonderful gifts.

  1. A Custom Print

There is still time to give a personalized gift – if you print it yourself, that is. These custom prints are just what you have been searching for, and they are under $10. Your print will be personalized with the words of your choice: a name, a date, a phrase, or anything you would like. You can customize one of these for mom, grandma, a friend – or just about anyone! Within a day of your purchase the personalized print will be emailed to you as a jpg file. Then, all you have to do is print – it is that simple.

  1. A Printable Planner

Give someone the gift of organization: a printable planner. You can print it out yourself, or you can just send the file as a gift and let them print it on their own.

  1. Printable Stickers

Etsy has a great selection of printable stickers – you could spend all day browsing the options. You can easily print these out yourself: all you will need is some sticker paper.

  1. A State or City Print

Here is an idea that you may not have thought of: a print of your friend’s state or city. Some of these can be personalized, and some are available instantly.

  1. A Gift Card Holder

If you already have a gift card but are looking for something to make it a bit more special, try a printable gift card holder. This will be sure to make your gift card look just a bit more festive (and a bit more like an actual gift).

  1. Stationery

Print out some stationery for that friend or family member who loves to write. It’s a gift you can be certain they will not only love, but actually use – which, after all, is the most important thing.

  1. Recipe Cards

Is there someone on your list who loves to cook? Or, is there a recipe you love making yourself that you would love to share? Either way, printable recipe cards are the perfect solution. You can use them to give the gift of your own recipes, or leave them blank for your friends to fill themselves.

  1. A Wine Label

These printable wine labels are perfect for the holidays and can even be personalized.


Do you have any other last minute gift ideas? Well, add them to the list! Let me know what you do for last minute gifts in the comments below.


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