Scandinavian Décor: 8 Ideas for Bringing a Nordic Feel to Your Home

The Nordic countries show us that decorating for Christmas does not have to be a complicated, extravagant affair. I love the minimal, natural style of decorating that is characteristic of Scandinavian homes. Simple truly is beautiful.

Here are ten simple ways to decorate your home for a Scandinavian Christmas:

1. An Imperfect Tree

Don’t worry about imperfection – embrace it! The beauty of Scandinavian Christmas décor is found in its rustic charm.

2. Deer Decorations

Vintage deer statues and ornaments will bring a touch of woodland beauty into your home.

3. Anything Made by Hand

Homemade ornaments, wreaths and garlands are just a few ideas.

4. Candles & Lanterns

Candles are an important part of décor in Scandinavian countries, where the days are short.

5. Glass Bottles Filled with Pine Branches

Forage for some bits of green and fill old glass bottles with your finds.

6. Silver & Gold Accents

Add a touch of silver and a touch of gold here and there – but don’t overdo it.

7. Pinecones

You can fill jars with them, use them as ornaments, or display them on a mantle or bookshelf.

8. Plants in Red Pots

Try displaying your cacti and other plants in red pots for a festive look.



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